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    Our school Texas Wing Chun in Arlington teaches COMBAT focused Wing Chun using anatomy, psychology, physics, math, human biomechanics, human physiology and kinesiology. Dr. Mullen ,who is a retired chiropractor, demands his fighters THINK about what the do and WHY they do it. 

    All Wing Chun and fighting should be based on structure , efficiency, logic and common sense that is repeatedly tested in combat. In fighting it is dangerous to rely on A SINGLE person’s opinion. All martial arts should be viewed with a critical eye and use the application of scientific method to maintain the arts integrity find mistakes, misunderstandings and to improve the art through time.

    Almost all martial arts ask the wrong questions and contain illogical / mythological ideas that will kill you.

        Asking the right questions should be 90% of life. They ask, how do I want to fight? I want to fight like a dragon, a tiger etc... These are simply the wrong questions / ideas / myths. You are neither a tiger, nor a dragon. You CANNOT fight like them, your body is all wrong. Were you a tiger or dragon you would not need Kung Fu.

    The correct question is, how is the human body designed to fight efficiently? Good martial arts should be based on human biomechanics, not animals.  They should be about structure , function and efficiency, not myth. Most martial arts teachers have limited understanding of the function of human anatomy and physiology [Form and function]. This limits the depth of their teaching and can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Unfortunately these misunderstandings and confusion can kill the student.  

    About Dr. Mullen

     Dr. Mullen , Sifu Wing Chun Gung Fu , is a retired Chiropractor in Arlington Texas, a suburb of Dallas Fort worth. He has a Doctorate in Chiropractic a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology. Chiropractors are the masters of human structure , physiology and biomechanics bar none.


    Long before that, he was a bouncer in a rock bar , bodyguard and personal trainer. He was also security in a welfare hotel during graveyard shift near the Bronx in New York City. Due to this bizarre confluence of circumstance, he has had a few hundred random people trying to kill him for more than 20 years. This includes many ex convicts from Rikers Island , Sing Sing prison and nearby psych wards and one person on PCP; (Not recommended). 

    Dr. Mullen has accepted  all challenges for 25 years.

    Our Lineage


    Grandmaster - Yip Man ( 1893-1972 ) deceased

    Leung Sheung ( 1918-1978 ) deceased 

    Kenneth Chung - [ California ]

    Ben Der - [ California ]

    Ken Werner - [ Florida retired ]

    Karl Godwin [ Orlando Florida ]

    Bill Graves - [ Jacksonville Florida ]

    Dr. Scott Mullen  - [Dallas Texas]


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