Texas Wing Chun


Unlike any other martial arts school in North Texas. Here is why...

Combat school - Brutal and efficient - Survival focused - Self defense.

  • Sifu Mullen's extensive real world fighting experience as a bouncer, bodyguard, and security in a welfare hotel's graveyard shift just outside the Bronx in New York City. More recently he ran security [ bouncers ] for three nightclubs in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.
  • Ip man line of teachers through Leung Sheung , Ip Man's # 1 student.
  • Dr. Mullen's education  in human anatomy and physiology , mathematics , physics, etc. I can explain how and WHY Wing Chun Works.
  • Law enforcement family; Sifu Mullen's Father is a renowned FBI agent.
  • Teaching for over 25 years.
  • Challenges taken and given for over 25 years to make sure it works; it does.
  • We are NOT M.M.A., Gracie Jujitsu, Karate, or Taekwondo. We are NOT a sport.
  • The above will CLAIM to not be a sport but they have RULES, timed rounds, weight classes, referees, protective padding, tournaments with medals, titles, and ribbons  which = a SPORT. They all teach kids.
  • Texas Wing Chun does NOT teach children, no kids allowed.
  • The trophy you win at Texas Wing Chun is going home; the only one that means anything.
  • JUDGE [ the only western Wing Chun judge] at the international legends of Kung Fu tournament in Plano Texas , multiple years including the Full contact competition.
  • We box bare knuckle ON CONCRETE , we hit each other HARD. You learn to give and take a punch. New students are introduced SLOWLY to full contact.
  • We assume the person you are fighting is younger, in better shape, Three times your size , strength,  and is armed, and he also has friends. Neither life nor fights are fair.
  • We fight "dirty"; eyes, throat, and groin are the main targets. 
  • What about fighting FAIR? So the guy who is 3 times your size with a baseball bat and friends wants YOU to fight fair. Think that through...
  • We also teach brutal gun retention for license to carry holders.
  • Prices start at $ 75.00 per month and go up from there.
  • Our school helps abandoned pets and has a scholarship program for people to volunteer with local animal rescue groups for some of their training.
  • It takes about 3 years to be proficient enough to have confidence in your skills.
  • For the internet Trolls.. I will not engage in online silliness; You are very brave to make  ANONYMOUS  threats. My policy is AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN come smack talk and MAKE YOUR threats in person. No I wont listen to how bad you think you are for 20 minutes, I will insist you SHOW me. Go to the Challenges page and fill out the death waiver please.
  • Curious read on below or come visit the school. 
  • Thanks for reading.   
  •                                                                          Dr. Scott M. Mullen B.S. D.C. Sifu

Beginner Class Times :


Address: 625 Woodcrest Ln. Arlington, Texas 76010 Phone: 817-914-2096


Beginner class times are:  (classes usually run long you can leave anytime)

Monday beginning at 7:00 PM  -  8:30 PM

Wednesday beginning at 7:00 PM  -  8:30 PM

Friday beginning at 7:00 PM  -  8:30 PM

 Saturday beginning at 12:00 PM  – 2:30 PM

Tuesday , Thursday and Sunday: privates by appointment and skill builder classes


Other class times are available for advanced and mid level students.

Private lessons  as well as group privates are available by appointment.


Monday , Wednesday , Friday at 7 pm-8:30 pm and sat 12 pm to 2:30 pm

Price List 2018

Dr. Mullen teaches all Privates and most classes unless otherwise noted.

About Us

ABOUT Texas Wing Chun



Texas Wing Chun in Arlington Texas teaches COMBAT focused Wing Chun using anatomy, psychology, physics, math, human biomechanics, human physiology, and kinesiology , science etc..  Dr. Mullen, who is a retired chiropractor, demands his fighters THINK about what they do and WHY they do it. 

All Wing Chun and fighting should be based on structure, efficiency, logic, and common sense that is repeatedly tested in combat.  In fighting, it is dangerous to rely on A SINGLE person’s opinion.  All martial arts should be viewed with a critical eye.  The application of the scientific method should be used to maintain the arts integrity and to find mistakes or misunderstandings and to improve the art through time.

Almost all martial arts ask the wrong questions and contain illogical, mythological ideas that will kill you.

    Asking the right questions should be 90% of life. They ask, how do I want to fight? I want to fight like a dragon, a tiger, etc... These are simply the wrong questions / ideas / myths. You are neither a tiger nor a dragon. You CANNOT fight like them; your body is all wrong. Were you a tiger or dragon you would not need Kung Fu.

The correct question is, "How is the human body designed to fight efficiently?" Good martial arts should be based on human biomechanics not animals.  They should be about structure, function, and efficiency not myth. Most martial arts teachers have limited understanding of the function of human anatomy and physiology [form and function]. This limits the depth of their teaching and can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Unfortunately these misunderstandings and confusion can kill their students.  

About Dr. Mullen


 Dr. Mullen , Sifu Wing Chun Gung Fu , is a retired Chiropractor in Arlington Texas, a suburb of Dallas / Fort Worth. He has a doctorate in Chiropractic a bachelor of science in chemistry and biology. Chiropractors are the masters of human structure, physiology, and biomechanics bar none.


Long before that he was a bouncer in a rock bar, bodyguard, and personal trainer. He was also security in a welfare hotel during graveyard shift near the Bronx in New York City. Due to this bizarre confluence of circumstance, he has had a few hundred random people try to kill him for more than 20 years. This includes many ex-convicts from Rikers Island, Sing Sing prison, and nearby psych wards [ Bellevue Hospital NYC ]; and one person on PCP (not recommended). 

Dr. Mullen has given and accepted challenges for over 25 years.

Our Lineage



Grandmaster - Yip Man ( 1893-1972 ) deceased

Leung Sheung ( 1918-1978 ) deceased  - Yip Man's number 1 student

Kenneth Chung - [ California ]

Ben Der - [ California ]

Ken Werner - [ Florida retired ]

Karl Godwin [ Orlando Florida ]

Bill Graves - [ Jacksonville Florida ]

Dr. Scott Mullen  - [ Dallas Texas ]


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We love our students, so feel free to visit during the beginner class in our normal business hours.

We are 1 mile south on Cooper from University of Texas Arlington (UTA).

Texas Wing Chun

625 Woodcrest Ln. Arlington, TX 76010

(817) 914-2096




 Visitors welcome Monday , Wednesday , Friday at 7 P.M. and Saturday at 12 noon

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