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About Wing Chun

Our school teaches Wing Chun using anatomy, psychology, physics, math, human biomechanics, and human physiology. He demands his fighters THINK about what they do and WHY they do it.

All Wing Chun and fighting should be based on structure and efficiency, logic and common sense that is repeatedly tested in combat. In fighting it is dangerous to rely on a person's opinion alone. All martial arts should be viewed with a critical eye and use the application of scientific method to maintain the arts integrity and to improve it through time.

Almost all martial arts ask the wrong questions and contain illogical/mythological ideas that will kill you. Asking the right questions should be 90% of life. They ask, how do I want to fight? I want to fight like a dragon, a tiger. These are simply the wrong questions / ideas / myths. You are neither a tiger, nor a dragon. You CANNOT fight like them, your body is all wrong.

The correct question is, how is the human body designed to fight efficiently? Good martial arts should be based on human biomechanics, not animals. They should be about structure and function, not myth. Think about it. In my opinion Wing Chun is the only martial art that asks the right questions.

Wing Chun is primarily based on hand usage. While there are kicks in the system, they never go above the waist. There are reasons for this; scientific, physiological reasons. We would be happy to discuss them.

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