Why Wing Chun seems to fail against MMA and street fighters

We dont follow rules:


MMA  is a gladiatorial sport at best not a martial art in the traditional sense of the word. It is closer to the real world than most Wing Chun I have encountered because they actually hit each other. In modern Wing Chun they don’t hit one another in most schools. Wing Chun schools have substituted Chi Sau  [sticky hands ] for boxing. For the record Chi sau is a DRILL. If you insist on doing only drills maybe ones that are logical like how to deal WITH A HOOK OR HAYMAKER. How about how to deal with a western boxing jab and a cross? These are the strikes you will encounter 99% of the time why don’t more Wing Chun school teach this. How about how to stop a take-down from a wresting art? Unlike most of the larger commercial cookie cutter schools is, my training involved hitting and being hit. This was bare knuckle only and we hit HARD for YEARS. Our progenitor Ip Man’s number one student Leung Sheung was clear that ALL theory should be TESTED in COMBAT before accepting it. The Chinese equivalent to the American saying, everybody has a plan before they get punched in the face…

Theory without testing equals all the Wing Chun “Masters” getting their rears handed to them in the street and or MMA ring. The problem with Wing Chun in MMA is the rules of MMA won’t let a Wing Chun person use 95% of their training. It can still work but the Wing Chun person needs to practice with people who are good at the art they need to deal with. No you can’t use the guy who just joined your school who did 6 months of MMA to test your skill. He is not good enough. Another problem is steroid and growth hormone abuse. The MMA people who generally rise to the top take unbelievable amounts of anabolic steroids and growth hormone. Before any of you MMA people try to argue against this please remember I’m a DOCTOR from a Law enforcement family who worked in old school gyms. Yes, I’m sure not EVERY single person does steroids but well past 90% do.

What I see again and again in a Wing Chun vs. MMA fight the Wing Chun “master” is 50 years old or more and the MMA guy is like 25 to 30 years old. The 25 year old is usually 50 or more pounds heavier, mostly muscle thanks to twice the natural testosterone and GH, possibly more. This is BEFORE adding injections of GH and anabolic steroids. This increases aggression exponentially, muscle mass, strength, healing rates and increases pain tolerance. 

The problems start way before the fight. Most modern Wing Chun is taught very defensively, which is a bad idea in most cases. The Wing Chun guy can’t gouge eyes, collapse the throat, break the spine in oh so many places again my area of expertise as a Chiropractor, smack the groin then twist and pull like you are starting a lawnmower, stomp kick the lead leg or bite. In a fight with RULES the LARGER person is always favored because they already have a mass / strength advantage which gives natural Armor advantage to the larger person. If you take away the killing / crippling strikes you are screwed. Another issue with modern Wing Chun in general is the lack of understanding of, Violence of action in military terms. In general you should never fight for less than life and limb. But if you have to fight, fight like you are the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark, and brother it’s starting to rain... The “violence of action” then comes into play by hitting your opponent as fast and hard as possible hopefully before he does the same to you. I like Buddhism in most cases but keep it out of my fighting arts please. There is a time for talk and there is time to fight don’t confuse them.