Skill Builder Classes

Skill builder and tight focus seminars


Anti bully program: based on Wing Chun for ages 7-17.


Women’s self defense: Violence against women is increasing at an alarming rate. Texas Wing Chun offers a Wing Chun Based women’s self defense class. The classes teach situational awareness as well as a shortened version of Wing Chun’s famous close quarters combat. The emphasis is on dealing with a larger stronger opponent and the element of surprise. Vicious and effective, we hope you never need it.

Offered a few times a year or as needed basis.

$ 150 per person lifetime repeat classes included.

$ 100 for one full class only no repeats

Better to have a tool and never need it than need it and not have it...


Post apocalypse conditioning: - Physical conditioning program. The emphasis will be 3 dimensional strength, endurance and range of motion to support hand to hand and armed combat efficiency and general good health. Dr. Mullen was a personal trainer before becoming a doctor.


COMBAT First aid / CPR - Martial arts applied anatomy and physiology: Learn Emergency first aid and basic anatomy / physiology to help understand and retain your Wing Chun lessons.


Gun retention - keeping hold of a firearm in close quarters combat. If you have a concealed carry this course is for you.

CHL Gun Retention Class:

They taught you how to shoot but not how to keep your gun and shoot in close quarters combat situations. This class teaches Wing Chun based survival skills for CHL holders. It’s quick, dirty and deadly just what you need in a life or death struggle. Do not leave the house with your sidearm without some training on how to keep hold of it.


Other Classes [Skill Builder classes]: Knife fighting and Knife defense, stick fighting and defense, fighting from a seated position, fighting from inside your car, fighting from bed, improvised weapons etc.

It is the student’s responsibility to visit their family doctor to request a note clearing them for strenuous exercise and communicable diseases. They also need to be cleared for diseases or conditions that would cause undue harm if they are struck in their training, once they are accepted as students. This must be in writing. They also need to tell, in writing, Dr. Mullen about any medical conditions before training begins.