Female Fighters

Female fighters needed to compete in MMA. no experience necessary

2 years Intense training - FREE

The LESS martial arts [ traditional ] training you have the better

Requirements :

  • YOU must be BEAUTIFUL and willing to get hit in the face repeatedly. SEX sells, the prettier the girl fighter the more MONEY.
  • You must be healthy. I am a Physician and a Kung Fu MASTER Teaching for 25 years..I will examine you medically and run tests to be sure.
  • you must have HEART - You will be knocked on your ass a whole lot in the beginning, you need to get up and keep fighting.
  • NO CHILDREN - I need your focus to be 100% on training.
  • Room and board will be provided - VERY BASIC.
  • I am a Chiropractor treatment is free if I train you.
  • Medical  - I have many friends who are Medical Doctors and owe me favors; most medical issues will be covered.
  • Training will take approximately 2 years.
  • AGE -In early to mid twenties - I will consider older or younger in special cases.
  • Single - you will not have time to devote to a relationship.
  • Size does not matter , you will learn to deal with much larger stronger opponents.
  • You will train against MEN.
  • Criminal background - I DON'T care, as long as you are not on the run from the law. You will follow my rules however. MY WORD is LAW.
  • Out of State out country travel expenses will be covered for the right person

Pluses for Consideration :

  • Intelligent  - NOT educated
  • Natural athlete
  • Natural Beauty - Can't wear much makeup in the ring
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Tumbling
  • Cheerleader [ no shit ]
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Acrobatics

Negatives for Consideration

  • Other Martial arts especially - MMA , Karate , Jujitsu , Taekwondo , Etc.
  • Weight lifting  / body building
  • DRAMA , not following instructions , lies , omissions of truth etc.

What I get out of this :

  • I will train and manage you. I will split all monies 50 / 50.

You will sign a contract to this effect.

Send email with pictures Front , back and sides in a bathing suit [NO NUDE] to TEXASWINGCHUN@Protonmail.com